Soothe Away Summer Sunburns

Updated: Jul 3

The dreaded sunburn.  It seems that at least once a year, no matter how prepared I think I am or how many times I apply sunscreen, some part of my body is left unprotected, resulting in painful skin and sleepless nights

If you are seeking relief from summer’s rays, here are a few tips that can help ease pain away...

  1. Get out of the sun.  Sounds simple but we often think, “It’s not that bad,” and apply a layer of sunscreen.  As soon as you notice signs of tightening or turning pink, either cover up or seek shelter from the sun.  Keep sun hats and rash guards made with SPF in your car or packed inside beach bags.  

  2. Drink water.  Lots of it.

  3. It is important to return the water that you depleted into the body.  Frequent cool baths or showers help to rehydrate the skin.  

  4. After patting skin with a towel, seal in water by applying a moisturizer before fully drying.  Using nutrient-packed products with aloe, avocado and hemp oils, and Vitamins A/C/E will work to cool inflamed areas and aid in collagen production to heal your skin. Studies show that cannabinoids have anti inflammatory properties so creams with naturally-occuring CBD could provide additional comfort.

  5. If the skin is severely red, dermatologists recommend using a hydrocortisone cream.  You can administer an aspirin or ibuprofen for pain relief, or if you seek a more natural source, CBD edibles have been reported to alleviate soreness left behind by the sun’s rays.   

  6. No matter the temps, wear long sleeves and pants for the few days following a burn to eliminate additional exposure. 

Following a sunburn if you have chills or a fever, seek support from your doctor to make sure that you are not suffering from sun poisoning.  Getting a jump on a burn is important.  Act fast to minimize skin damage and stay cool!

Author: Andrea Lettic MS , Copyright Apra Hemp, BBB Labs all rights reserved. 2020



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