Colorado grown hemp

Grown to organic standards

70+ Acres under cultivation

1300+ Acres contracted

CDA registered farms


Extraction of hemp oils

Production of 0% THC broad spectrum distillates

State-of-the-art facility and laboratories in Colorado


Custom formulating

GMP Standard Manufacturing

CDPHE Certified

Consumer product

Multiple categories to meet diverse consumer needs

Consistency of product delivery and efficacy

Quality & potency assured

Over 150 SKUs already produced

Boulder Botanical and Bioscience Labs (BBB Labs) was founded in 2015 by a team with over 25 years experience in Health, Wellness, Nutraceuticals and Manufacturing

The BBB Labs Advantage


With over 25 years of experience in GMP standard manufacturing, we are expert in quality, compliant manufacturing, and only work with premium FULL SPECTRUM and broad spectrum hemp oil extracted in our own facilities.


We only source the highest quality, natural ingredients including organic and non-GMO, whenever practical.


Our proprietary formulations are developed with high bioavailability for rapid and complete absorption.


We are committed to innovation while adhering to the highest standards and compliance, maintained through strict quality control

the source of our passion

Thousands of customer testimonials about the benefits of their BiovaTM Hemp experiences tell us we are on the right path, making a difference in our customers´ lives.

CarterUsing Cannabinoid Hemp Health since September 2016
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His mom and neurologist report... "We´ve seen relief from his seizures, improved cognition, speech, behavior, and socializing."
BrandyUsing Cannabinnoid Hemp Health since August 2016
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"Product was so effective with my epilepsy that my OB/GYN insisted i continue use throughout my pregnancy"
OlgaUsing Cannabinnoid Hemp Health since May 2017
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"The aches and mood with my fibromyalgia have all but disappearedand i can return to fulfilling my retirement dream, to have a small farm with my husband. My quality of life is back to 100%."